TLV-JFK Trip report delta Business class

I got this trip as part of an award for 130k miles in BE(half of the ticket was before the mileage change ) this flight is extremely hard to get with miles so i felt pretty good about myself. The check in process was pretty slow in Tel Aviv because they did not do anything too special for the business class although there was a line for business class passengers there was no specific security person for the business class passengers . I apologize in ahead for the quality of the pictures something is going on with my phone and i promise i will fix it soon.


This is the hard product of the flight and honestly business class wise this is almost as best as you can get and not bad at all for what you can get with miles. I thought the seat was pretty good for sleeping and i slept about 6 hours during the flight which is normally very hard for me in business class ( lol first world problems ).


The screen is huge! and you get loads of movies although sadly i already watched most of the movies… so i was more on the tv shows during this flight which satisfied my appetite for entertainment .



This was the amenity kit nothing was really impressive in it but you can see for yourself



This is what was in it and sorry for the blurry picture… and as you can see nothing too interesting but i was actually impressive it actually had a pen in it as i just a had a need for one .



This is the first course the soup was okay at best the salad was pretty fresh and the bread was honestly the worse i ever had in my life so i guess it all evens out to a 6 or so .


This is new i know because the last time i flew this route they served shrimp. I would say this was pretty good compared for a business class offering . I really enjoyed the appetizer but my hunger still remained.


This is the main course pretty which was lamb sticks which was pretty good but i still prefer the tenderloin steak which delta used to serve on this route ( not any more at least from the TLV side for sure). You would be happy to know that 2 of the choices were apparently Glat kosher the chicken and the pasta as the religious people ( loads on this flight) were advised to order it.


This is as good as it gets on most business class flights and the dessert was pretty good i think a solid 7.5-8 . I enjoyed the desert but as i ate too much in the lounge ( and at home)  i did not ask for more.


This is the desert cart and on this flight everyone got pretty much as much as they wanted to eat from it. I thought the choices were ok although they had some pretty lame choices ( some kind of cup cake) which i thought were lame).


Mid flight snack after i woke up delta used to have brownies as a snack which was much better but i am not sure what happened as these choices are pretty boring…


Breakfast which was pretty good i gotta say and i was actually surprised it was as good as what i can make at home which is pretty good as far as airline breakfast goes for . This is the end of my trip report ! sorry but stay tuned for my next flight in first class from JFK to LAS Vegas . The delta product is pretty good but lacking on the soft side i think . Delta could easily afford to offer a few more mid flight snacks and maybe boost the food level just a bit this shay signing out !


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