Delta is offering discount on award tickets until 2nd of Novemeber!

Discount of 4000 miles for domestic saver award so hurry up and normal awards go down to 32k ! if you got any sky miles now is a good time to burn them as for once they actually increased temporary in value. Full destinations and discount listed in the picture below.


N1 lounge Gatwick airport perhaps one of the best priority pass lounges

I had the pleasure of flying from Gatwick airport sadly just getting to the airport cost me as much as the supposed entry to the lounge costs to priority pass ( my priority pass is free ) . I got my priority pass with my AMEX platinum and went in to about 30 priority pass lounges this year so i know what i am talking about here. This lounge is so trendy and it even has a menu you can order some food from ( 3 complimentary choices!) so not bad for a priority pass lounge . Maybe the only lounges that beat this lounge are in asia or first class lounges in europe! .

I really enjoyed the cool atmosphere here and the bartender was real cool ! ( no tip needed because it’s England) . These are some of the food and drink options they got here .

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The coolest thing about this lounge is they got a cinema here! (sadly no popcorn but i was able to get some from the other priority pass lounge right next door).


They also got a spa but you gotta pay for treatments there but still quite cool


They also got a game room with a Playstation 4! (sorry for the photo quality)


Basically this is a very cool place to chill in with very good food options honestly it’s free with priority pass but i wouldn’t even mind paying $15-20 for it so well worth it for the experience.

3x membership points Amex USA restaurants

Amex is offering 3x membership points for dining at restaurants if you are targeted via this link . It’s only supposed to be for who ever is targeted but Amex agents have been known to cave under pressure and enroll non targeted members if you threaten you will cancel you card or something or make up a friend who spends less then you but was targeted (maybe for real? ) . I would suggest you still give it a go!

Amex is the best for hard purchases (insurance)

I recently purchased $300 worth of merchandise from amazon and just my luck some “TWAT” steals it from me while i take a nap in the train. Amex came to the rescue one quick online claim and i got the money back from american express instantly! It’s great if you want to fee safe and secure then use Amex for Amazon purchases and especially Ebay (as you get damage protection from Amex) . I think i must of broke so much stuff and lost/ stolen that i have saved over $1000 this year such as an expensive chair i bought which broke and i got the refund from Amex with no need to even send in a receipt . Amex simply makes it easy and safe to make online purchases and this alone is worth the yearly fee on my platinum Amex. Amex also allows you to return most types of merchandise up to 90 days after purchase and they also pay for shipping (i returned an Matress and Amex paid for the shipping !! $200)