no yearly fee credit cards

You know in the credit card game it’s great to get those huge ass offers with amazing bonuses and such but, when a year passes we don’t want to pay the yearly fee so we cancel the cards. Cancelling a card has a negative effect on your credit history so , therefore it is a good idea to get a no yearly fee credit card.  Some no yearly fee credit cards actually have some pretty interesting bonuses and cash backs which will be described below.


Chase freedom card :

Perhaps this card is one of the best keepers of them all ! it has great category bonuses up to 5 points (or 5% cash back) per category . Most important of all there is no yearly fee for this card and up to $125 bonus or 12.5k points. Points can be transferred to your chase sapphire or other ultimate reward credit cards if you want to transfer them to airlines. If you signup for a chase credit card you also get a 10% boost on your earnings. Sign up for the card here . This card also comes with 15 months 0% APR ! .

 Freedom (1)

Amex Everyday card : 

Comes with a 10,000 point (i value the points at 2 cents a pop if you transfer to airlines) signup bonus . You can earn 2 points in the supermarkets and you get a 20% bonus if you make more then 20 purchases a month. This card comes with no yearly fee so you can keep it forever . There is also an improved version with a higher earning rate but that one comes with a yearly fee so it is up to you to decide if you want it or not. You can signup for the card here  . Also did i mention it comes with 0% APR for 15 months (basically a free loan)  .

Discover it card

This is a great card for the long term with no yearly fee and you get 5% cash back in everyday expenses such as ,  gas stations, restaurants, holiday shopping . You can use this card for up to $1500 a quarter so i would pair this card up with the freedom card if i were you. You can earn up to $300 cash back a year with no foreign transaction fees .

You can signup for the card here

More cards will be added in the future so stay tuned

P.S i do not make any money if you signup to any of these websites via my website

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