Sometimes you can get a hotel upgrade just by asking

I happen to have an SPG gold and i have an upcoming stay in Sofia. I sent a friendly request wondering if i could get a room with lounge access since SPG gold is not eligible for lounge access. My message to the concierge was as simple as “Also is it please possible to get an upgrade to the club floor with lounge access?”

The reply i got back was “Dear Mr. Peleg,

I would like to inform you that free access the executive lounge is a
benefit for the Platinum SPG members, but we will be delighted to provide it
to you on complimentary basis for this particular stay.

If there is anything else that I could be helpful with, please contact me at
any time.”

I got a mid week stay in July which is a very low tourist volume time in Sofia since everyone goes to the other parts of the country so perhaps this has affected their decision . But perhaps sometimes it’s is just a good idea to ask this is contradictory to what you should do when you fly since you will almost always get knocked down.

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