About Myself

Hi! I am an army veteran from Israel, currently living in the states as a legal resident . I study at UNC Chapel Hill – a great university . I enjoy using my points to fly to exotic places and try interesting first class and business class products. I am an avid credit card churner, but I do not normally meddle with manufactured spending. You may have noticed that I am not a native English speaker, which I think will give this blog an interesting twist. I am also a Diamond Medallion on Delta. Please contact me with any inquiries at howtofreetravel@gmail.com .

4 thoughts on “About Myself

  1. …and I thought you were asian based on your travels.

    I am not a native speaker either, but I learned that people here are anal about spelling. Me? I couldn’t care less, as long as I understand it. So my advice for you to succeed in this blog is to use a spell-checker, nahon?


    • Actually i don’t have any problems with spelling , but more with the other aspects . I am glad to have a viewer from my own country here ! stay tuned i got some pretty interesting travels going on soon.


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