TLV-JFK Trip report delta Business class

I got this trip as part of an award for 130k miles in BE(half of the ticket was before the mileage change ) this flight is extremely hard to get with miles so i felt pretty good about myself. The check in process was pretty slow in Tel Aviv because they did not do anything too special for the business class although there was a line for business class passengers there was no specific security person for the business class passengers . I apologize in ahead for the quality of the pictures something is going on with my phone and i promise i will fix it soon.


This is the hard product of the flight and honestly business class wise this is almost as best as you can get and not bad at all for what you can get with miles. I thought the seat was pretty good for sleeping and i slept about 6 hours during the flight which is normally very hard for me in business class ( lol first world problems ).


The screen is huge! and you get loads of movies although sadly i already watched most of the movies… so i was more on the tv shows during this flight which satisfied my appetite for entertainment .



This was the amenity kit nothing was really impressive in it but you can see for yourself



This is what was in it and sorry for the blurry picture… and as you can see nothing too interesting but i was actually impressive it actually had a pen in it as i just a had a need for one .



This is the first course the soup was okay at best the salad was pretty fresh and the bread was honestly the worse i ever had in my life so i guess it all evens out to a 6 or so .


This is new i know because the last time i flew this route they served shrimp. I would say this was pretty good compared for a business class offering . I really enjoyed the appetizer but my hunger still remained.


This is the main course pretty which was lamb sticks which was pretty good but i still prefer the tenderloin steak which delta used to serve on this route ( not any more at least from the TLV side for sure). You would be happy to know that 2 of the choices were apparently Glat kosher the chicken and the pasta as the religious people ( loads on this flight) were advised to order it.


This is as good as it gets on most business class flights and the dessert was pretty good i think a solid 7.5-8 . I enjoyed the desert but as i ate too much in the lounge ( and at home)  i did not ask for more.


This is the desert cart and on this flight everyone got pretty much as much as they wanted to eat from it. I thought the choices were ok although they had some pretty lame choices ( some kind of cup cake) which i thought were lame).


Mid flight snack after i woke up delta used to have brownies as a snack which was much better but i am not sure what happened as these choices are pretty boring…


Breakfast which was pretty good i gotta say and i was actually surprised it was as good as what i can make at home which is pretty good as far as airline breakfast goes for . This is the end of my trip report ! sorry but stay tuned for my next flight in first class from JFK to LAS Vegas . The delta product is pretty good but lacking on the soft side i think . Delta could easily afford to offer a few more mid flight snacks and maybe boost the food level just a bit this shay signing out !


Donation for love!

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Always be careful when booking flights!

I booked a flight to Moscow a few months back from within Europe and the cheapest flight was Lufthansa at $260 . A beginner might think well it’s the cheapest so let’s book it right? not it’s a bad idea as when i checked the fare class it does not post any points to my united account … There was a flight with Finnair that cost $10 more but posts to american airlines at 100% so i chose that one as i would get around 3000 miles which i value at around $50 and clearly anyone will value them at at least $30 . It’s especially important to look twice if you are trying to get status with an airline! so this is my tip for you to always be careful.

Something interesting i noticed about amazon prime

I used an expired credit card to buy amazon prime by mistake . I managed to order something with the 2 day shipping and what’s even more interesting is they are allowing me to keep the prime for 30 days. I only needed the prime for the items i shipped and maybe a few more so i will not buy prime. So it’s pretty interesting that amazon is so easy on this subject. I like amazon prime but i will leave in Holland for a few months so it has not much value for me for this time being.

AMS-TLV Trip report with KLM

This is Part of my award ticket with 120k miles to south Korea as this is the last segment in my trip. So luckily i get to visit tel aviv again woohooo and after a few days i will go to Las Vegas (with another award ticket with delta).  I normally really like KLM as the service is very good and the food is not bad. The seating is European business class which is not so good but i am here for free so i don’t really care.




For drink service they use a cart and sadly they only had diet cola… which i hate but i still had.


This is the amenity kit nothing special but nice because i actually needed a tooth brush (until i buy one) .




This is what is in it as you can see nothing special but nice to have





This is what i could have chosen to eat sorry for the quality in advance as my camera is messing up for some reason. Still i see this as better then delta as the food is nice and service is better although the seats are slightly worse i guess.




This is what i chose and it was really good and i really was not hungry but i still scarfed it down! yes so good food on KLM. I think the food quality when you fly in business class is important as it really improves the experience.




I got to keep one of those KLM houses with alcohol in them . They got a whole list of them and you can collect them for fun if you want ! it’s great i got a dutch lady friend and she really wants one of these little houses so i would say these things are very popular in Holland for some reason.l

amsterdam review


Klm gives you snacks! believe it or not as i find a lot of airlines cheap out on 4 hour flights and only give you one meal with no snacks so on klm you will not be hungry. They give you as much as you want without being cheap one you as i had more snacks then you can even see in the picture. This is the end of this trip report but stay tuned for TLV-JFK in delta Business class !

Amsterdam Lounge Review

So after finishing up in Holland for an orientation for my university in groningen i went ahead to the airport to go to Tel Aviv but of course what kind of visit is it without visiting the lounge? Check this facebook link to see what kind of crazy partie the university yes the university organized for the students (with alchohol ) 


As you can see they had a pretty nice spread and the best i have seen in a sky team lounge yet . I found pretty much anything i wanted Cheese, Chicken sticks , Spaghetti  and coke ( with good gases not messed up like it can be in the states some times) . Sorry for raving on the coke but sometimes some places really mess up the balance of the Gases and sugar.


 If you want to get hammered then it is possible here and you don’t have to tip for it. I love the dutch system for self service as i don’t want to tip in a lounge unless i have to. I did not partake in any drinking as it was day time plus there was no pretty lady with me.


Yes i drank some coke as you may have guessed and they also got a beer machine if you want to get some buzz on . Very cool on the beer machine i gotta say there and here i don’t have to pay extra for a real drink (sky clubs). 


A coffee machine with what seemed to be real coffee ( unlike what you get in the states). I was frisky today and took one cappuccino and it was not bad at all i must say . 




As you can see there also a few types of wines ( not super expensive or anything but nice) . You can also see a different view of the lounge just in case you wanted more imaging in your head.





Some types of cheese you can eat here and some kind of pastrami which was not half bad. I really like Holland because you can always find cheese anywhere but the people are not cheesy . In the states you get fake cheese and here you can have some real cheese if you ever wanted to compare the two.



Yay two kinds of spaghetti with the first on on top being better then the one below. You can also put plenty of cheese on your spaghetti if you feel like it and i did . This is the end of this review ! You should all be excited because i already made it to Tel Aviv ( trip report coming soon) and i am flying to las Vegas soon (miles ticket in Business Class with delta) so ill be sure to blog about that for my viewers

My laptop is working again!

Not sure if you remember when i mentioned this but i lost my charger in a hotel in japan (hotel feigned innocence ). So i managed to a new charger! yay cost me $60 for an original one … Well you can expect much more frequent updates now and more complete reviews of flights. As always i am here for you and not for myself so i will always attempt to get as much information for you viewers as you will ever need.