Want to close a credit card? here is what you do first

Hello viewers i am going to close a credit card soon (chase united) and i want to tell you what i am going to do before that and how that can help you. If you get a retention offer which covers the yearly fee then i would say don’t close a card because it has a slight (very small) negative effect on your credit score  .However if you you don’t get an offer then just transfer the credit line to another card! i decided to transfer 1/2 of the credit line to my main card the chase sapphire! The best thing is you can just do this online via the secure message so i now got a sweet $2,500 increase on my chase sapphire credit line (which i use as often as possible for the bonuses) . I am going to cancel my united card soon unless they offer me something for it ( which seems like they won’t .

Doing mardi gras for free with points

I just booked 5 nights for mardi gras with my spg points for 40k spg miles when the rack price was $650 a day(fifth night free)! so i basically got 8.125 cents per each mile! that is awesome . I also got a south west flight with 36k miles (with great timing) . Mardi gras is an awesome event and you can get free rooms for it feb 12th till the 17th ( or 18th if you wanna stay for fat Tuesday night). Honestly everyone there is going to spend at least $3000 so if you can stay there for 40k spg miles and 36k southwest points i sure as hell would do it if i were you ! act fast as for now rooms are still open for points.

LHR skyteam lounge now part of priority pass

This lounge is supposed to be one of the best sky team lounges and you can now use priority pass to get into the lounge . Priority pass is a very useful pass which some versions of it let you access as many lounges as you want for free ( for instance the Amex Platinum)

.LHR 360photo button

The lounge is pretty huge at 1600 ft and has 2 floors as well as a food buffet which is better then most business lounges ( but still not like eating in a restaurant of course) . If you live in London i would say perhaps priority pass would be better for you then chasing status in some cases.

JFK-LAS trip report (got the upgrade with DL!! )

This is part of an award ticket with DL for 130k miles from tel aviv ( half of the ticket was before the price change for miles) . This segment was in coach for a morning flight and lucky enough i got the upgrade from an award coach ticket! this is  most likely the best thing about delta as they do give you an upgrade for award tickets . I am a delta medallion so it was not too hard to nab this upgrade and i seemed to me that this flight was even easy for gold medallions . I was already checked in from my flight from tel aviv so the security was really fast and they had a fast lane for people with status/first class so i arrived quite quickly . I am going to jump right into the flight for the review if you don’t mind.



This is the cabin as you can see shared tv is what we had to deal with but that’s not too bad as sometimes you don’t even get that. I forgot what the movie was but i believe i enjoyed it if that matters to you.


I was flying to Vegas so i just had to get some vodka. I asked for the whole bottle as i know they normally only give you half in a normal drink. So always ask for the bottle if you wanna get a full shot! greatest tip you will ever know.


Space is not so great on the 737 but it had to do. I gotta say this is still way better then coach so don’t worry about it.


I was kind of surprised at the food quality at this flight as it was quite edible ! yeah surprising i am sure



Getting pretty close to vegas and this is the view i am seeing ! see you guys at my next review jfk – Frankfurt in international first class

Traffic going up!!

Hello everyone i am back to posting! sorry i was really busy lately . Any how i am quite excited as this website which is brand new is breaking into the Alexa 2 million and hopefully within a month we can place into the 500k or so . It is thanks to your continued support that we are seeing as increases in traffic ( around 60k views a month) .