6 thoughts on “Ask me anything

    • Sorry but credit card companies in Israel do not have really good deals . in fact i would say everyone offers almost the same with exception of american express offering a bit more(free events and such).


  1. Hi, I just found your blog, and am new to the churning game. I’m looking for a churning coach, someone to give me the run down on what works currently, point me in the right direction of the best threads to read etc. Please send me an email , and we can work something out!!!!


    • If you have specific questions you can email me at howtofreetravel@gmail.com or comment on this page i can’t coach you the whole way but if you break down your request into a few questions while including your spending habits and such then i can help out.


  2. Hi! I found your comment on TPG regarding setting up a ‘business’ for UBER with a domain name to get the $50 credit. I have no idea what to do! Would you please advise me? Thank you!


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