New food at the Klm lounge

The Klm lounge finally has edible food again! Proud to announce you can now forbade eating before and wait till the lounge.


This looks really nasty but honestly it actually tastes pretty good. The mashed potatoes was a nice addition and pretty good.


As always the Klm soups don’t dissapoint and for some reason the only thing that’s always pretty good.

Us airways 50k miles not gonna be here for long

Guys you get 50k miles with this after spending a measly dollar ( or less) . I would apply now for sure before this offer expires ! the yearly fee is $89 but if you consider 50k miles to be worth at least 500 dollars ( and it is) then you are ahead by over $400 . This offer is really good because barclaycardusa is trying to get rid of it’s us airways miles inventory because of the merger between us air and AA so i would hurry up and apply before this offer is gone! . Apply for the offer here .

About the 50 dollar coupon for hotels i posted

I posted about the 50 dollar coupon here well i already got my cashback with big crumbs.


So the total price per night in a hotel right in Roppongi was about 31 dollars a night! in Roppongi! you can sign up for bigcrumbs here . I only use bigcrumbs because while they don’t always have the best cash back they are the most reliable in actually paying you out on time and actually tracking your offers .

Why i am not afraid to fly a low cost airline in europe

Flying wizz air soon normally i would be a little scared because this is winter and if my flight get’s cancelled i would most likely get stuck . This is why sometimes paying with a credit card is better chase sapphire gives you trip cancellation up to 10k so i am sure i would be able to use that to get to where i need to . Anyway i got a round trip ticket with extra space seats and early boarding for 99 euro round trip from groningen (holland) to gdansk ( poland) and if the flight is delayed by at least 1 hour i get 100 euro to my wizz air account and this is in addition to the eu 261 which allows to get certain amounts of cash if your flight is delayed or cancelled . If you want to be as confident as me when purchasing tickets i would suggest you signup for the chase sapphire here and you will get 40000 points after spending 4000 dollars within 3 months of applying as well as 5000 points for adding an authorized user. I was a bit scared in this case because i got a first class flight with British airways 2 days later so i am in a bit of a crunch if my flight get’s canceled but i remembered that my chase sapphire protects me.

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