Who am i?

I am a person with passion about travel and culture. I enjoy tasting all sorts of foods and seeing the cultural effect on the food. I think culture is in the eyes of the beholder since not everyone would enjoy the same taste. For instance, I don’t enjoy some aspects of culture which you might enjoy such as when I travel I tend to not always go and visit all sorts of cultural sightseeing places, since I am more interested in different kinds of foods and plain fun (meeting the locals and such). I am a political science major and that just makes me dislike politics since I know about all the dirty tricks they use to get elected. I enjoy cultures more for the effect that it has on people and their behavior, for instance a Russian is not going to behave the same way as an American (and boy do I know it). So I think I am more interested in people than anything else which also has to do with my love of psychology. People can be interesting and culture has a lot to do with that since it affects their tastes and dislikes.

Some blogs I will follow in coming weeks http://yoisthisracist.com/ http://thesocialissue.com/ http://therevealer.org/ .

Yoisthisracist is pretty interesting since it has anonymous people who ask the blogger something and the blogger responds in a witty fashion. Thesocialissue seems to talk about all sorts of social issues which plague our country and beyond. Therevealer is interesting since it gives all sorts of news regarding all sorts of religions.

Sometimes you can get a hotel upgrade just by asking

I happen to have an SPG gold and i have an upcoming stay in Sofia. I sent a friendly request wondering if i could get a room with lounge access since SPG gold is not eligible for lounge access. My message to the concierge was as simple as “Also is it please possible to get an upgrade to the club floor with lounge access?”

The reply i got back was “Dear Mr. Peleg,

I would like to inform you that free access the executive lounge is a
benefit for the Platinum SPG members, but we will be delighted to provide it
to you on complimentary basis for this particular stay.

If there is anything else that I could be helpful with, please contact me at
any time.”

I got a mid week stay in July which is a very low tourist volume time in Sofia since everyone goes to the other parts of the country so perhaps this has affected their decision . But perhaps sometimes it’s is just a good idea to ask this is contradictory to what you should do when you fly since you will almost always get knocked down.

Closed accounts still aged

It’s a common misconception that closing a credit card hurts your credit score. Indeed the only thing that would hurt you is a lowered credit limit overall due to the closure. So if you have a high fee card don’t worry about closing it since it will indeed still age after you close. Account age is very important for your credit score so if that is your fear then fear not.

You can basically signup for as many american express cards at once

American express is an odd one since they basically allow you to apply for as many credit cards as once as you want with no problems unlike the other ones like chase or citi where you have to wait a specified amount of time. Note this does not apply to you if you got declined then you must wait for 90 days. Amex will approve the 2nd card after you activate the first one and same with the 3rd card so don’t panic! you can do. Amex is one of the easiest ones to get approved for a business card under your own name so take advantage of the current offers which are going around on the web.

$25 orbitz coupon + cash back with topcashback

This is one of my most common strategies when booking a hotel . Is to use a coupon and + cash back website and in addition Orbitz also gives you some cash back so you come back ahead . It is with these strategies that i managed to get a 3 star hotel in a very good location in Tokyo for less then $50 a day ( roppongi btw! ) . Signup here to get a $25 Orbitz coupon  . In addition signup here to get additional cash back on Orbitz . This will maximize your gains you can get even more if you signup for one of the credit cards i have listed in the credit card section ( chase sapphire is pretty good) and even more if you had the Orbitz credit card (up to additional 5%) .

The holy grail Concorde lounge LHR london

I’ve had the great pleasure of checking out the Concorde lounge in LHR which you can basically only access if you are flying on British airways in first class . British airways first class product it self is really only like a very good business class product . I booked this one way trip from ams to rdu in first class for 62.5 k miles and around 400 dollars in taxes via American airline miles. Honestly the taxes are completely worth it if you can access this lounge as you receive free massages and the food I thought was awesome. Continue reading

Some nice offers via the credit card match tool

Rumor on the block is some people are getting targeted for some pretty nice offers via the credit card match tool . The Amex preferred card for 30k miles (normally 15) and the Amex platinum for 100k miles ( normally 40k) and with only spend of 3k( normally 10k for 100k miles) . I would head over to the card match tool here .