The holy grail Concorde lounge LHR london

I’ve had the great pleasure of checking out the Concorde lounge in LHR which you can basically only access if you are flying on British airways in first class . British airways first class product it self is really only like a very good business class product . I booked this one way trip from ams to rdu in first class for 62.5 k miles and around 400 dollars in taxes via American airline miles. Honestly the taxes are completely worth it if you can access this lounge as you receive free massages and the food I thought was awesome.


In my review as you can imagine I will focus on the dining as I am a foodie and food is important for myself as well as the complementary massages.


This is the menu feel very to take a look at it . The selection isn’t too wide but I really enjoyed the food that I personally consumed and as a relatively selective person I would say the food in this lounge is pretty damn good. I would put in the middle range as far as first class lounges go.


I got some lentil soup as a starter I would give it a 7.5 pretty good but not the best. It seemed to be pretty healthy so I would say it’s a solid choice.


This is the lamb it was amazing so I just had to get more . From what I understand they used to serve beef which was much less delicious then this dish.


It was so tasty I just had to order more . I told the waiter how much I enjoyed and he told the chef to double up my dose and it was very much obliged.


This is the risotto pretty tasty I’d give it an 8.5 ranking it felt close to a good resteraunt quality . I would order this if I were you but this is not a very healthy dish and most likely packed with calories.


For some reason they only had diet coke and no coke zero this seemed to be a British issue more then a British airways issue however .


I went to get a massage after this everything you see in this list above is complementary for first class passengers even on an award ticket such as myself . Sadly the only thing that was open in such short notice is the massage chair . Turns out you can book these services 4 weeks before your flight so I’ll be sure to do so next time .


This is the massage chair honestly the best massage chair I ever used in my life as I was honestly impressed. I only had around 2 hours in the lounge to try out everything so I’ll be sure to get a longer layover next time in order to fully enjoy this awesome lounge . This is the end of my review stay tuned for my next review in British airways first class from LHR to JFK.

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