Who am i?

I am a person with passion about travel and culture. I enjoy tasting all sorts of foods and seeing the cultural effect on the food. I think culture is in the eyes of the beholder since not everyone would enjoy the same taste. For instance, I don’t enjoy some aspects of culture which you might enjoy such as when I travel I tend to not always go and visit all sorts of cultural sightseeing places, since I am more interested in different kinds of foods and plain fun (meeting the locals and such). I am a political science major and that just makes me dislike politics since I know about all the dirty tricks they use to get elected. I enjoy cultures more for the effect that it has on people and their behavior, for instance a Russian is not going to behave the same way as an American (and boy do I know it). So I think I am more interested in people than anything else which also has to do with my love of psychology. People can be interesting and culture has a lot to do with that since it affects their tastes and dislikes.

Some blogs I will follow in coming weeks http://yoisthisracist.com/ http://thesocialissue.com/ http://therevealer.org/ .

Yoisthisracist is pretty interesting since it has anonymous people who ask the blogger something and the blogger responds in a witty fashion. Thesocialissue seems to talk about all sorts of social issues which plague our country and beyond. Therevealer is interesting since it gives all sorts of news regarding all sorts of religions.

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