Want to close a credit card? here is what you do first

Hello viewers i am going to close a credit card soon (chase united) and i want to tell you what i am going to do before that and how that can help you. If you get a retention offer which covers the yearly fee then i would say don’t close a card because it has a slight (very small) negative effect on your credit score  .However if you you don’t get an offer then just transfer the credit line to another card! i decided to transfer 1/2 of the credit line to my main card the chase sapphire! The best thing is you can just do this online via the secure message so i now got a sweet $2,500 increase on my chase sapphire credit line (which i use as often as possible for the bonuses) . I am going to cancel my united card soon unless they offer me something for it ( which seems like they won’t .

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