Might be worth it to renew an amex card

As you all know Amex is one of the best when it comes to costumer service but the cards can be quite expensive sometimes such as the platinum card with $450 fee (200 is returned to you for flights) and the spg with $65 fee (rumoured to increase in the future). So my cards were just renewed so i made a few quick phone calls to 1-800-452-3945 (the direct number to amex retention department) . I quickly scored 20k Miles for the platinum card (valued at least at $300) and 1000 points for the spg card (not much but i don’t use it as much. So now that you can’t get a 2nd bonus for an amex card ( can’t cancel and reapply for a new bonus ) scoring retention offers is the new game . From what i understand it is possible to get a retention offer twice in the same year for the same card so give it a go. Amex small business day is coming up as well so i can make 30$ per each card by buying gift certificates online which also makes up for the yearly fees ( one of my cards does not even have one).

2 thoughts on “Might be worth it to renew an amex card

  1. You mentioned about buying gift certificate online for small business Saturday. Can you elaborate this? What merchant GC are you planning to buy?


    • I live in north Carolina right now and one of my favorite restaurant sells gift certifcates so I am going to get 120 dollars worth of dining cash because I have 4 amex credit cards (maybe 5 soon)


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