Donation for love!

A British friend of mine fell in love with a girl in south Korea. Sadly they are both dirt poor and as a favor i am putting this on my website.  If you feel like you wanna help 2 love birds then please go here .

One day I met Junee. I was studying Human Rights in South Korea and from out of nowhere I met her, she was beautiful. We dated. We spent endless nights just wondering the streets of Seoul together, and I fell in love with her.
Then I had to go home. To the UK.
Now she lives in Grand Rapids and I am stuck here without her. We have our plans, or continued dreams of getting to eac h other, but I am an empty handed student of Journalism, and she much the same. We had plans for her to come visit me in the UK for Christmas. My family want to meet her, and all I want is just to be with her again.
I’m looking for work. But for the time being I haven’t got much to offer.
That’s why I’m going out on a limb. I wouldn’t normally believe something like this would ever work. But I’m willing to try anything.
If you could donate something, anything, just enough to make the cost of the flights, I would be unending grateful. I will personally write you and email you, thanking you that you helped make a long distance love work. That you helped to change my life, and Junee’s.
All I ask is that through some chance, people can help me show a girl I met through absolute chance, a Girl who lives a thousand miles away; a Christmas she wont forget.

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