Virgin Atlantic lounge jfk review

Virgin Atlantic has some pretty good lounges pretty much the best business lounge you can find . You can order free food from a menu and get massages for free(only one) in the lounge . They got a pool table and a fully stocked bar and it’s a really good experience . As you could imagine most of the residents and English and i would not be surprised if you could spot someone famous in the lounge. There are a few ways to enter this lounge flying first class with Singapore airlines , upper class with virgin , Virgin gold card, Delta diamond platinum or gold card ( Only if flying to England) . In my case i was flying first class with Singapore airlines which is a much more superior experience to virgins upper class you can view my review of the first class product here . Shall we begin the review?


As you can see you can get in with the first class ticket and was also able to guest one person so if your friend is in economy or business you can bring him with you


The decor is pretty cool as you can see .


Told you they had a pool table i did not use it on this trip but it’s pretty cool that they have that.


As you can see it’s pretty big and bar is pretty cool


This is the menu sorry for the quality i totally over did and ordered lots of food so i could sample it for my viewers !


Started it simple with the burger and potato fries . It was pretty tasty sadly the burger only comes well done… sigh but it was still good enough.


Some more sweet potato fries and this shrimp appetizer which honestly wasn’t so good…10451683_10203238321700493_92160653263245450_n

Just had to try the white fish for you! it was ok + i think they could have done a better job but for something free it was pretty good i gotta say.10690163_10203238320020451_4011609321172359696_n

Some cheese i gotta say it was pretty good!  yam yam i love cheese . I started eating cheese the first time i flew business class and i just couldn’t stop!


This brownie cake with ice cream is most likely the best they have and the Panna Cotta i got after this was pretty good as well!


Panna Cotta ! oh i just love Panna Cotta it was pretty good ! i gotta say if you can access this lounge via medallion status or virgin Atlantic status then it’s totally worth it . You can easily get a value of 50 dollars no problem especially if you are feeling thirsty. But i would say in the future i would expect a little more from a first class lounge . Hopefully next time i get to try a Singapore airlines first class lounge which is supposed to have really good food! quite excited to book a first class ticket to Tokyo with Singapore to check that one out. I highly recommend you to book jfk to Frankfurt in first class as it is the best value for miles with only 58k miles for true first class with all of the bells and whistles .

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