Guest post Nicaragua the diamond of Central America

Hello today we have a quest blog post from a friend of mine currently travelling in south america.


While I’ve traveled every country in Central America over the past year, there’s one place I keep coming back to; Nicaragua.  I’m not sure quite what it is, but Nicaragua has got to be my favorite country to hang out in. The prices are low, the people are extremely friendly, and the beer is always ice cold.


On the Pacific coast of Nicaragua is where you’ll find most of the tourists.  There are great surfing beaches all up and down the Pacific coast, and great little towns like San Juan del Sur which cater to tourists of every kind.  Here you can eat a huge plate of traditional Nicaraguan food in the central market for less than $3usd.  For the more affluent traveler lobster dinners can be eaten in one of the many restaurants that line the bay. While most days here in San Juan del Sur are spent at the beach, in the evenings almost everyone heads out to one of the many discotheques that line the beach road. Here the rum pours are generous, the music loud, and the patrons a sweaty mess from hours spent dancing in the open air. While the tourists have somewhat taken over in San Juan del Sur, it’s still on of my favorite spots to spend a few weeks

colonial granada.

A couple of hours inland from San Juan del Sur is the colonial town of Granada. Even though this is the main city in Nicaragua for expats, very few tourists bother to make it here.  That’s quite a shame. I absolutely love it in Granada.  There’s tons of shopping to do, and many great Nicaraguan and international restaurants to choose from.  Better still there are dozens of day trips that can be taken from Granada.  From here you can get to and hike two different volcanoes, take a tour of the 365 islands in Lake Nicaragua, or spend the day swimming in the crater of a dormant volcano.  Getting to Granada is quite easy, and inexpensive. Chicken buses go through Granada from almost every town in Nicaragua, and not one of them will cost you more than $2.


The east coast of Nicaragua is hardly ever visited by tourists, unless they’re flying over it on their way to the Corn Islands. Again, what a shame.  I spent a month in Bluefields on the east coast recently and had a great time. While it has a reputation for being a bit seedy, I never once felt in any danger.  Quiet the contrary, everyone was quite thrilled that a gringo was going to be hanging around for a month.  I was invited for dinner and drinks, and was offered more than once to go out with the local fishermen on their boats. The pace here is quite laid back, which suited me just fine.


Whether you’re looking to surf, dive crystal clear waters, hike a volcano, or simply enjoy a day on the beach, Nicaragua has everything you’re looking for. Best yet, Nicaragua is also the safest country in all of Central America. If you’re looking for a place to spend a few days, or even a year, I highly recommend it.

One thought on “Guest post Nicaragua the diamond of Central America

  1. I’ve been really wanting to travel to Central and South America, but haven’t researched it much. Lots of my family members keep scaring me saying that lots of the countries are dangerous, but now that I’ve read this I feel a little better about it. Nicaragua sounds really beautiful, cheap, and fun place to travel to.


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