My first first class trip report in a $8000 flight jfk-frankfurt (which i booked with miles)

Hi folks i booked this trip with miles via american express a while back and flew it about 3 months ago.Before you read this i also warn you i am not a native English speaker . As it was my first time in first class i was quite excited . This ticket can cost a whopping $8000 for a one way ! isn’t that crazy now? well i managed to fly it for free as that is what we do at howtofreetravel  after all right? Please forgive the image quality i promise i will buy a professional camera as soon as i get back to the states! Some people were explaining I didn’t explain how I got this flight well I signed up for one amex platinum got a signup bonuses of 50k miles + some spend I had transferred 58000 thousand miles to Kris Flyer and booked a first class ticket . I did have to pay 200 something dollars for the ticket. If you want to see the lounge i used before flying with this airline please head over here .


Our flight starts with some nice Dom Perignon ( i forgot what year) i also tried Krug but i didn’t like it go figure. I realized i am not a champagne man after this flight because i just was not impressed … I would be much more comfy with some vodka coke or something of that sort or Woodford  for you ham sandwiches (you know who you are ).


Next up is the cappuccino but this is no normal cappuccino you see this monstrosity is created by the use of  Blue Mountain beans which cost a whopping $120 dollars a pound ! Singapore goes all the way with the coffee and yes it was delicious .


Not sure if you can notice but the screen was huge! really a pleasure here . I am not completely sure but i think there must have been over 1500 movies/tv shows. I guess the only thing missing in my experience was a Playstation 4 but , i still enjoyed the experience. A common problem for me when i fly airlines such as delta or especially Airfrance and Alitalia is i run out of movies to watch because i already watched everything but this is hardly a problem with Singapore!

garlic bread

Time for the food service wow i think this garlic bread must have been the best garlic bread i have ever tried. I really can’t believe i am bothering to review a garlic bread but it was just amazing.


Some nice lobster for the appetizer pretty tasty yum


My first time trying black caviar! i loved it it’s so tasty . I think i might be ruined for life after eating that ! sadly i was pretty full so i didn’t ask for more food ( i already stuffed my self in the virgin Atlantic lounge). From what i understand Singapore is usually very generous in how much caviar you can get so go for it if you can.

full pic

This is me ! i lost about 30 pounds since this trip so i am excited to show you a future trip report with the skinny me.


This is what i was eating! lobster on a plane! it was my first time and it was quite Delicious i must say . I booked this via Singapore’s book by the chef where you can pre order what you want to eat on the plane ( and you can do it online too).


This is dessert it was just ok honestly but still not too bad for something you can get on the air it appears to be some kind of Panna cotta .


Maybe Singapore is the only place i managed to sleep on a plane better then i sleep in my own bed… The only problem was how short the flight was so i only slept 4 hours.


Got me some cheese as snack you can’t notice see it but the flight attendant actually cuts this from huge blocks of cheese which is very cool.


I got me another cappuccino and now my trip is over! the next first class trip report is going to be on British airways which i booked with some american airline miles i have for January ! so stay tuned .

9 thoughts on “My first first class trip report in a $8000 flight jfk-frankfurt (which i booked with miles)

  1. wow! What a great experience it looks amazing. I’ve only travelled once out of coach is business class and it was amazing. I would love links to the Amex card, maybe some details on credit cards offering different amounts of miles. $200 looks worth the first class upgrade but $8000 is crazy!


    • Yes Allison but actually the whole ticket cost around 200 bucks and 58 thousand miles for a one way. Just to clarify for others i got these miles for signing up for one credit card and not from flying .

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    • Thanks! i was glad to guest you into the Centurion lounge . I am doing a review of the virgin Atlantic lounge (better then the centurion lounge) in a day so stay tuned.


  2. The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at LHR is amazing. Was just there about a week ago, will be there again next week. Ironically, I’ve never gotten a chance to visit any of the Centurion Lounges since I often depart from BOS. Next USA flight AF009 from JFK, but is around 23:45 (so I doubt I’ll visit any lounge for that trip).


    • Honestly i was still a little bit disapointed in the virgin atlantic lounge but it’s pretty good considering i can access it via my diamond status flying to the uk


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