Easy to manufacture spend in holland!

I noticed that in Holland if you go to a bar about 33% of the time they will be ok with adding up to 100 euro to the bill and giving you that in cash. Using a Citi premier i get 3 points per Usd on that so i get at the very least around 3.33 dollars and i get a free cash advance ! . I would totally advise to do a pub crawl and check if a few bars will be willing to do this favor for you. I myself sadly have a bank account which charges me 3% +5 dollars when i withdraw so i saved that fee and got some points ! Let me know if you managed to do that in Holland ( btw you can do that in England as well but they normally charge a fee which really messes up the logistics of this plan.

6 thoughts on “Easy to manufacture spend in holland!

    • Still worth it the more you spend with amex the more likely you are to get a few waiver or bonus points via a retention offer


      • The extra spend would be “insignificant” with regard to the entire yearly spend picture. What I sometimes do, is if I’m at a weekly lunch with 4-8 people, they will sometimes all give me cash and I charge the entire lunch on my AMEX. AMEX Platinum NL doesn’t ever do fee waivers, anyway, unfortunately. European based cards are much less promotional oriented. Though, AMEX is the best of the bunch.


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