AMS-TLV Trip report with KLM

This is Part of my award ticket with 120k miles to south Korea as this is the last segment in my trip. So luckily i get to visit tel aviv again woohooo and after a few days i will go to Las Vegas (with another award ticket with delta).  I normally really like KLM as the service is very good and the food is not bad. The seating is European business class which is not so good but i am here for free so i don’t really care.




For drink service they use a cart and sadly they only had diet cola… which i hate but i still had.


This is the amenity kit nothing special but nice because i actually needed a tooth brush (until i buy one) .




This is what is in it as you can see nothing special but nice to have





This is what i could have chosen to eat sorry for the quality in advance as my camera is messing up for some reason. Still i see this as better then delta as the food is nice and service is better although the seats are slightly worse i guess.




This is what i chose and it was really good and i really was not hungry but i still scarfed it down! yes so good food on KLM. I think the food quality when you fly in business class is important as it really improves the experience.




I got to keep one of those KLM houses with alcohol in them . They got a whole list of them and you can collect them for fun if you want ! it’s great i got a dutch lady friend and she really wants one of these little houses so i would say these things are very popular in Holland for some reason.l

amsterdam review


Klm gives you snacks! believe it or not as i find a lot of airlines cheap out on 4 hour flights and only give you one meal with no snacks so on klm you will not be hungry. They give you as much as you want without being cheap one you as i had more snacks then you can even see in the picture. This is the end of this trip report but stay tuned for TLV-JFK in delta Business class !

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