Amsterdam Lounge Review

So after finishing up in Holland for an orientation for my university in groningen i went ahead to the airport to go to Tel Aviv but of course what kind of visit is it without visiting the lounge? Check this facebook link to see what kind of crazy partie the university yes the university organized for the students (with alchohol ) 


As you can see they had a pretty nice spread and the best i have seen in a sky team lounge yet . I found pretty much anything i wanted Cheese, Chicken sticks , Spaghetti  and coke ( with good gases not messed up like it can be in the states some times) . Sorry for raving on the coke but sometimes some places really mess up the balance of the Gases and sugar.


 If you want to get hammered then it is possible here and you don’t have to tip for it. I love the dutch system for self service as i don’t want to tip in a lounge unless i have to. I did not partake in any drinking as it was day time plus there was no pretty lady with me.


Yes i drank some coke as you may have guessed and they also got a beer machine if you want to get some buzz on . Very cool on the beer machine i gotta say there and here i don’t have to pay extra for a real drink (sky clubs). 


A coffee machine with what seemed to be real coffee ( unlike what you get in the states). I was frisky today and took one cappuccino and it was not bad at all i must say . 




As you can see there also a few types of wines ( not super expensive or anything but nice) . You can also see a different view of the lounge just in case you wanted more imaging in your head.





Some types of cheese you can eat here and some kind of pastrami which was not half bad. I really like Holland because you can always find cheese anywhere but the people are not cheesy . In the states you get fake cheese and here you can have some real cheese if you ever wanted to compare the two.



Yay two kinds of spaghetti with the first on on top being better then the one below. You can also put plenty of cheese on your spaghetti if you feel like it and i did . This is the end of this review ! You should all be excited because i already made it to Tel Aviv ( trip report coming soon) and i am flying to las Vegas soon (miles ticket in Business Class with delta) so ill be sure to blog about that for my viewers

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