Sometimes Amex points can be worth more then UR points

I am sure you know Amex as membership rewards points and chase has something similar. Amex charges a super tiny amount on your points when you transfer them ( you most likely won’t even notice it) and chase currently does not. I need you to be aware that Amex has transfer bonuses some times for instance to British airways with a 20% to 50% bonus sometimes. In this case i would argue the points are worth more because British airways has some pretty interesting awards with low miles .


Did you know you can fly round trip from Boston to Dublin in business class for 50k British airways miles . Yes i agree that you can do this with chase too but if you got a transfer bonus maybe it’s a good idea to bank some extra miles with British Airways?


Doesn’t look too bad for 25k miles one way right? that’s like paying $250 to fly in real business class (+ about $40 in fees) .


Of course you already know know british airways is really good for short awards as for instance Tokyo to Seoul is 4500 points + almost no fees ? Use the advantages of each program to your own good and never focus on the weakness is what my blog tries to teach you.

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