Cards i will apply for in the future

I already applied to one southwest card this year and got 50k south west points ,so i would like to apply for another so that i may get the companion pass. The companion pass allows a designated friend to fly with you for free. South west points are somewhat useful in the states as long as you don’t want to fly abroad but not so useful abroad because of limited international options and business/first class , which brings me to my next card.


The citi Citi ThankYou Premier Card comes with 20k points the first 3 months after 2k spend and 30k points the next year after the first 3 months and you get hit with a yearly fee for 125$ . I would say thankyou points are worth 2 cents each so paying $125 for 50k points is not so bad (transferable miles now). Remember you get 3 points on dining all the time (including clubs and such) as well as 2 points for transporation (all kinds) so not a bad deal after all. Those 3x points on dining really add up especially if your company reimburses you or if you can pay for others (in return for cash).


Ink Plus gives you currently 70k miles if you apply in a chase branch and 50k miles if you apply online . You also get 5x points on telecommunication spend and 5x at office supply stores so it had it’s potential. I would make good use of these points trust me (first class on singapore airlines why not) .


All of these cards have no foriegn transaction fee and as i travel a lot with points i need it. I suggest you apply for these cards if you see it as being worthwhile for you . All of the credit card offers are available on the respective websites so feel free to take a look .


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