Reasons why i love chase credit cards

1) Chase is really easy to deal with online . As they can take care of most requests via the secure message center. I have had them ship a card to me via express (for free btw) via the secure message system . I got the card a few days later along with a phone call asking if i had recieved the card (good service there). You can also easily transfer negative balances between the cards (say you got a refund or something. I managed to change my billing date online which you can’t do with Barclay (unless you call) or amex (unless you talk to them for a long time) .

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This took me like 2 seconds to formulate a simple meesage online . You can’t do that with amex anymore as you gotta go into the chat mode (which does take some time ).

2) Chase has your back in most cases . I was in tokyo and a club charged me twice by mistake . A quick dispute with chase and i had the money back within a few days. I would say amex is even a little better in this respect as they will take care of your dispute at all cost unless it’s with one of their partners.


3) Chase has great offers ! 40k for the chase sapphire here and you can also get 70k points for the ink plus in a chase branch at the moment. Chase as a lot of cards which are worth to keep for the long term such as the sapphire (2 points for dining and all kinds of transportations and hotels which i value at 2.2 cents each ) as well as the freedom card (5 points in each rotating category).


4) Chase is really competitive so i tend to get at least 5k limit on each  new card. Because i am an amex lover chase approves me with higher limits as for some reason chase loves competing with amex.


5) Chase is very progressive and is set to offer pin chip cards soon (according to the rumours)


Hi i still really like amex but for me chase is still up at the same level.


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