Free fico score with the barclay card

Not sure if you are aware but you get a free quarterly fico score (TransUnion) with the arrival card ($400 bonus for $3000 spend and 2.2% cashback on all purchases (only toward flights/transportation/hotels)). The reason i like the arrival card is it’s pin chip (the only american credit card with good benefits) so i can actually use it in europe(especially holland). Getting the score with barclay is quite easy as you will see in a second.

제목 없음

As you can see it’s quite easy to get your fico score (under tools) . Even though it’s not as descriptive at the paid service it’s still as good as free can get . I use this to compare with experian so i can know if i am ready for a new application for a credit card.


If you got this card and you are planning on going to europe then i suggest you call in and ask for the pin chip version of the card. Barclaycard was gracious enough to fedex the new card to me for free!! (something normally only amex does for me).


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