Peach Airlines Review Osaka-Seoul

I am sure many of you are scared of LCC’S as you are not sure what will become of you after the trip. Yes most LCC’s are problematic for instance ryanair will do anything to charge you an extra buck and they even have planes of making people pay for an actual seat in the future (or stand during the flight) . Anyway it was my pleasure to fly Peach Airlines (MOMO) which i found to be quiet a pleasent LCC . I would even dare call her the queen of LCC’s .


As you can see the planes are spanking new and they even got a guy to tell you which side to go to lol . This goes along with the wasteful employment practices of the japanese lol for instance one time in japan they put 2 police officers and told them to make noises when the light was starting to become red haha only in japan. Anyway as you can see i got no choice but to board this flight.


The inside of the plane is spanking new too! yes a new plane just for me? great. Enough room for all the carry ons unlike in the states. Also almost no one checks bags so if you do check a bag you get it pretty fast.


The seat was pretty tight but not too bad at 29 inch although it does not feel like 29 inch. I would say all in all this was worth it for around $60 and if you have a chance to pay the same price then i would pay it if i were you.


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