Recapping the credit churning year for myself

I only started credit card churning 1 year ago . Discovering i could basically always fly for free was quite an interesting idea which i was not aware of . I did not know it was so easy to get tons of miles and fly for free with business class or first class. My life was changed forever once i realized how easy it was.


I managed to signup for 10 credit cards this year most with no yearly fee for the first year. I got about 700k miles after accounting for total spend with my biggest offer being the 100k citi offer (which no longer exists) .700k miles as far as i can see is worth around $14k Dollars as i consider each mile to be worth around 2 cents which is not bad for sitting on my ass now is it? 


I am itching to apply for new cards but looking to boost my credit card score and reducing my utilization  a little more before going on a shopping spree . I am hoping to apply for the freedom card and everyday card (up to 4.5 points for supermarkets) and the platinum business card (40k miles !) and some other credit card offers which will popup and hopefully you readers can be a part of my experience.

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