Delta NRT lounge review

I recently had an opportunity to visit this lounge on a trip. I believe you can enter this lounge if you are sky team plus and with a sky club membership (which i have from my diamond status with delta). This lounge while not super exceptional is way better then anything you will see in the states ! Best of all you can eat sushi (but not great sushi haha) . 


As you can see the spread is not too bad with sushi , some kind of chicken dumplings , soba , and some kind of desert . I thought the food was pretty good and i pretty much ate 20 of those chicken dumplings and feasted myself on some cappuccino haha . So at least compared to the states i would say you won’t be disappointed. The lounge has pretty fast WiFi (not typical for delta ) and a few mac computers .



The dumplings which were not too bad i would say really made for a good lunch honestly as i ate about 20 of them haha . I would rank the food as B- or c+ depending on your taste so not too bad. I think i would recommend to use this lounge if there is no better alternative for you .

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