Chicago pizza in Seoul south Korea

I had the great pleasure of trying out a pretty nice Chicago pizza joint in Seoul (near the north gate of Yonsei university ). I really enjoyed the pizza and so i thought i should share the experience with my viewers .



This is the place so if you want you can also call the number for delivery if you feel like it ( I don’t believe in delivery as i always want me food to be fresh).



As you can see they got some pretty interesting selections and i have tried 2 of them thus far. I ordered my self on 2 different occasions a veggie pizza with a cheese crust and a potato pizza (it’s awesome) with extra cheese and a cheese crust. Honestly they got some pretty freaky pizzas so i am taking it one step at a time.



This is the veggie pizza it was awesome and the cheese was of pretty good quality for a pizza place. I am honestly not sure how a true Chicago pizza is supposed to taste like but man this pizza was pretty awesome.

This is the potato pizza omg it was amazing . After i finished it i saw you can do the same thing but with sweet potato so i will sure look into that next time


Well honestly the pizza here is awesome although a tad expensive (starts at $10 to $14 for a small tray depending on the type) . But you get very high quality ingredients and mr pizza sucks compared to this pizza.

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