Documenting the effect of credit card utilization on my credit score

I thought you might find interesting to note the effect of utilization on your credit score. As you all know credit card utilization is an important part of your credit card score. You should always try to keep your utilization between 1% to 9% of your credit line across all your card and try to only keep one credit card open (with a balance) . To do this more easily you need to PIF so you basically pay most of the balance before the balance even reports . Anyway i recently lowered my utilization from 30% on my chase sapphire card to 9% and i saw an increase of 3 points on my credit score up from 731 to 734. I still have one card which reports a 45% balance because i do not get charged interest on it until the end of august (Barclay ) . So i believe i will be able to increase my credit rating another 6-10 points when i pay everything off in august . Learn something from this and get going on your credit rating optimization.

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