Review Japanese Nomikai

A Japanese Nomikai is a very cultural Japanese thing to do . Drinking in japan is very much part of the job ( you are envious i know) . It’s not uncommon to hit a few beers with the boss or the co workers straight after work especially after working exhausting 14 hour shifts as Japanese tend to come to work earlier and leave later (it is expected of them ). So Therefore drinking is quite important and as are Nomikai’s . These event’s are great for a few reasons very easy to connect with other business people , just having fun , and making great memories as i have. I am a true testimony to the fact that a foreigner can integrate into Japanese society (although i do speak Japanese) as normally these events are for Japanese only . Luckily i have met Mr Nakano san via a few friends of mine and he has invited me to several Nomikai’s (i believe i had attended 5) . Normally these things cost between 5000 yen to 6000 yen and you can order anything you want basically within reason (everyone shares the cost).  I can personally say i have been offered a job twice via these events and i was only in Tokyo for a few weeks so it is great for making connections and Japanese friends .




That’s me over there way over there in the background waving . As you can see Nomikai’s normally have between 14 to 25 people in them. The participants are normally salary men (business people) and quite friendly . The Nomikai environment is quite forgiving so even if you do something stupid because you got drunk it’s normally forgiven (unlike american culture).




Nakano san was getting very touchy but all in good spirit 




Some more of my Japanese friends i have made during this time’s Nomikai.



As you can see things were getting pretty wild at some point .



This was some kind of gnocchi but with a Japanese fusion to it which kind of tasted like a mix of gnocchi and Takoyaki (god it was delicious )



Very hard to describe this some kind of fried fish with a Japanese twist it was also amazing 



Mr Nakano the organizer of the Nomikai (weekly almost) . To conclude Nomikai’s are an amazing part of Japanese culture and you should all try to attend one at least once in your life. It has personally changed my life and created life long friends and possibly future work opportunities .

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