Feria Club review Tokyo

Hi everyone i went to Feria club yesterday (Friday) , and i thought everyone should know about one of the best clubs in Tokyo. Feria is a very interesting club with 5 floors ! (huge) . The best thing i find about Feria is the sheer amount of people which funnel into the club , and the great drinks you can get with your free vouchers as i had to pay 3000 yen for entry which included 2 free drinks. 


This is how it looks from the outside . Sorry for the blurry picture but this is all i managed to get. The entrance can get quite packed around 1 am.


I told you it can get packed haha


A fair price if you come before 12 pm otherwise the price is 4000 yen so come early.


They have a restaurant on premise if you feel like it . I did not have any of the food so i can not tell you if it is worth it or not


The 4th floor where i got my drinks and the easiest place to get drinks fast! trust me . This is also a good place to take a break from the hip hop floor (basement floor) .


The holy grail of drinks vodka red bull and yes you can get this with the free drink vouchers! just be careful the vodka is not exactly high quality . Good value otherwise as the cheapest price you can get that red bull in japan is $2.5 so you are getting some kind of value.


You can get some fancy drinks with your drink vouchers a Bacardi smoothie which was very nice but a bit too sweet for me.



The hip-hop floor the best floor in the club but also the worst. People tend to push each other a lot so be in combat mode before you go here. 


No dancing rule in japan (some silly law ) not taken very seriously in Feria so do not worry! 



You can get some pretty cold beer in Feria if beer is your thing


Friendly Japanese girl i met with very untypical height 6 ft !! (1.80 meters) . Do not be afraid to say hi to the Japanese girls in Tokyo (i speak Japanese).


All in all i would say i would recommend Feria for a crazy night out. I do warn you there have been occasions when i have been to this club where too many guys were in the club (80%) but yesterday was very good. The best thing i find about this club for the credit card hackers or just the regular costumer is you can pay with a credit card for the entry . The other clubs let you pay with a credit card but force you to buy an extra 6 drinks in order to use a credit card (vanity v2 for example).  I used my chase sapphire in order to get about 70 points which i value at around 2 cents per point . 

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