KE Business lounge VS Asiana Business lounge in ICN

I had a flight from Inchon to Tokyo with 15k miles i used with delta and flying with Korean airlines which i will post about soon. Not sure if you know but you can access both lounges with priority pass and so you should know which one is better (hint hint its Asiana).

Our quest begins with the KE lounge which i found to be quite under par compared to my minimum expectations .


This is how the lounge looks like (i apologize for the bad quality in the picture) . If you just wanna hang around and sit down and maybe also plug you computer into the electricity then this lounge is sufficient enough however…





I found the rice and the cheese to be the only good things you could eat in the lounge. The rice was OK and the cheese was actually pretty good so if you wanna drink some wine and cheese you might be ok in this lounge.


The true reason this lounge sucks is Hyatt sorry but they are not doing a good job here with the catering .

After this sad experience i went over to the Asiana lounge as you can get in for free with the priority pass.


As you can see priority pass gets one person in for free .


Asiana not as cheap as KE you actually get cans (including Japanese beer!) .


I enjoyed myself some tap beer and a can of coke and some spaghetti (which is not too bad i have to say) as well as some pretty decent fried rice .


This is where i got the spaghetti from and you also got some salads here (pretty decent as i tried them) .


Some selection of cheese and ham . I thought the cheese was OK plus .

10462637_10202356721541040_157123003711675743_n 10436676_10202356722141055_1707949049822873471_n

More selections you can choose from which i have not chosen from

Well to conclude the Asiana lounge was intact better . It was a very roomy lounge . If you are hungry then you might be ok with what food selections Asiana offers here . Did forget to mention they offer tap Korean beer and canned Asahi beer? I enjoyed the experience and they offer multiple power plugs if you need them .


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