Japanese Denny’s Review

I was really hungry today and woke up real late on purpose to avoid the typhoon which hit Tokyo yesterday! I tried going to the burger king but for some reason almost all burger kings, McDonald’s and KFC’s don’t take credit cards which sucks for a travel hacker such as myself . I ended up going to denies and indeed i paid more but i did have quite a lavish meal.



You can not quite see it but it was sizzling and i also asked for double meat ( i speak Japanese). I thought it was real tasty and it cost about $15 i believe (remember you also don’t tip in japan). The food was really tasty and i would recommend the sizzling beef if you go there.


The cappuccino was quite tasty ! i have to say not too bad for dennies


I splurged and got desert it was ok plus i would say but not too expensive at around $5.


Total cost at around $25.5 and no tip is required since this is Tokyo we are talking about. If you have not noticed by now then you should now Denny’s in Tokyo has only Japanese food! duh.

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